Roller Coaster

I never liked roller coasters

In fact, I hated them

When riding them, my stomach would drop, and my heart would pound like crazy,
I saw nothing appealing in the ride
I saw no thrill in being thrown high up and down and being scared
Little did I know that my life would be a series of roller coaster rides
I would go up, up, up and crash suddenly, down with full force
I would be screaming my heart out, putting my hands up in surrender
I would pray to God to get off unharmed and alive at the end
I would be wobbly and shaky when I got off and swear never to ride it again
Until a new ride presented itself and I would have to face my fears all over again
Now I am at another peak of the ride

looking down the steep metal frame
Wondering if the construction will hold

and where I will go when I get off it