Why Wellness Travel?

How do you feel after your typical vacation? Do you feel rejuvenated physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually? Or do you sometimes come back from a vacation and feel even more exhausted and stressed out, and shortly after, you forget you have had a vacation at all?

For many years my family and I would take very popular “all-inclusive” resort vacations to beautiful sunny destinations where we enjoyed gorgeous beaches, pools, and other hotel amenities. We spent most of our time mindlessly eating and drinking, just because it was included in the price and unlimited.  We typically would not do much physical activity except for short walks between hotel rooms, beach and dining facilities.  We were so tired before vacation that we thought the best way to relax was a passive vacation in order to re charge before getting back to our stressful multifaceted lives.

We rarely came back fully rested, rejuvenated, inspired to live a healthier lifestyle or do something new and different in our lives.