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‘Carpe Diem’ – Seize The Day

'Carpe Diem' - Seize The Day


It didn’t happen overnight. It took time, months, years, it’s still happening. Healing is a process, not an event and I am finally fine with letting it unfold whichever way it may.

How does one become ‘The Unstoppable and Blessed’? I don’t exactly know, those adjectives have been written on my vision board, above my desk, for some time. One day I just felt it in my bones, in my heart, in my throat that the fog in my brain was slowly lifting and I could start breathing fully again. I held my breath for years, if not decades.  I looked around and saw more clearly and suddenly felt free to proceed with my life or even better, start anew. 


One cannot think our way out of a gutter,  out of anxiety, fears and worries, one cannot only rely on therapies, analyze it, rationalize it, will it go away. It does not work that way, at least it didn’t for me.

No matter how many self-help books I have read, how many therapies, courses or pills I took. I could not really let it go.

Letting Go

Somehow, one sunny, snowy day, I became ready to truly let go, release my control, my self-narrative, my cognitive obstacles, and my limiting beliefs and let go to let the divine in! You may not be a religious believer or you may not believe in God, it may be divine within you, however you view your own spirituality. But it is important you believe in something.  For me, at that moment of  great relief and freedom, I realized  that my prayers had actually already been answered and I needed to let go. I decided to finally  create and share this portal of information, in case someone, somewhere finds any inspiration in it.

Stepping Out In Faith

I am stepping out in faith and living my very best life NOW, TODAY, at this present moment. No matter what.  I strongly believe that YOU can do it too.

No matter where you are at the present time, what challenges you are fighting, what diagnosis, predictions, statistics, pandemic numbers, past or present trauma you are dealing with. You can do it. I should know, I’ve been there and this is my story.

Between fear and faith I  chose FAITH! 

You may not believe in God, but it is important that you believe in yourself and your connection to ALL, kindness, goodness and love.