Love On The Brain*

The white hallways are decked in Christmas colors

I was packing gifts for kids just the day before

I am wheeled in somewhere cold and sterile with lots of lights

Several pairs of kind eyes are getting busy around me

I am not sure what am I doing there

Next thing I remember, I am back with my family, hungry

Asking for veggie burger and sweet potato fries

The hospital supplied the desert: Red Velvet Christmas cupcakes

Traditional Pavarotti’s concert is on TV, is this all for real?

I feel good, Love on the Brain, Rihanna sings in my head

I can hear her even through my bandages

It is only two days after and I am in the movie theater

‘La La Land’ is playing, I knew it would be an Oscar winner

I am happy, I think I am done and will quickly move on with my life

But it is only the beginning

More white hallways, more Love on the Brain*

*”Love on the Brain” is a song recorded by a famous singer Rihanna for her eighth studio album, Anti (2016)