Love vs. Fear

Sudden Change
Fear of Unknown
Information, misinformation, opinions,
Theories, anecdotes, resources
Immunization, immunity, vulnerable groups, research
Infection numbers, death numbers, analysis, projections
Politics, communication, miscommunication, trust, distrust, theories
Brainwash from all sides, extreme-end of the spectrum opinions
People making money, people losing money, jobs, friends, family members
People dealing with different issues
Detox Protocols
Chat Groups
Zoom Birthdays
Taking It All In
Shutting It All Out
Peace, faith, prayer, and love
Stay positive I tell myself
You are in the business of survival
You can do this too
Go inside yourself and stay still
Trust the God
The worst of all fears is the fear itself*
I repeated it many times to anyone who asked me 

how to handle what was happening around us

We need to help each other, 

Inquire, listen and understand each other, 

Love each other, not fear each other

Respect each other’s opinions, feelings, choices 

We need to stay united, understanding, and forgiving

We are in this together, really, why people can’t see this? 

I’ve seen other scenarios playing out only a few decades ago 

When political division caused irreversible damage to the entire country

and forced us out to immigrate all over the world, with a piece of our heart left behind forever 

Fear vs. Love, is the choice that simple? 

Finally, fast forward to Jan 22

I got a Positive PCR test

And a full-blown infection

There it was, INDEED…

And there was no fear, 

Just acknowledgment of what it was, even relief 

I let my body heal as I moved out of the way

There was no fear, just love, and faith

Thank You, God, Again

* We Have Nothing to Fear Except Fear Itself’ – Franklin D. Roosevelt