Moving On

I came around full circle
Anger and Denial, Hope and Faith
Anxiety and Pain, Love and Forgiveness, Acceptance
It is still a roller coaster sometimes
No one knows what each day will bring, cliché but so true
One morning I decided
I am not going to keep living in hiding
I will step out in faith, share my story
and take on what life has to offer
I finally understand all the energy wasted in keeping it all in
So grateful for the lessons learned and people met
Healing sunny places, warm and kind people, our destinies intertwined
You Are My Tribe forever
So much richer for the experiences, so much deeper and enlightened for the pain lived through
Whatever comes is welcome
Back to freedom, I finally exhale
Back to myself, a true self, just a bit bruised, but better for it
Ready to move on
The Blessed and Unstoppable